Finding Happiness In My Day

I always want to start a new project, because i feel that the current one I’m working on doesn’t give me enough creative freedom. I’m constantly think this audience won’t understand or this just doesn’t go together. When I slow my mind down it’s easy to see how many excuses I can come up with just to avoid what is in front of me.

When I’m truly honest this attitude is a reflection of how I feel about myself. One day I think “Wow I’m so blessed” and the next day I’m more like “Things would be better if …”. Recovery is teaching me that I have everything I need. The key is trust my Higher Power and using my resources to get the most out of myself.

My life usually doesn’t  seem challenging until I’m drowning. I’m amazed by how many times I fail to recognize the holes in my ship. Recovery is teaching me how to better manage what I take on, rather than stacking.

Maintenance is another crucial step in making sure I stay balanced. I have to challenge myself to work my program of recovery not just show up. Making sure I’m stepping into service opportunities and being available for others is vital to my growth as a person. When I’m truly involved I’m more likely to be happy.

One Day At A Time is a slogan to live by. Remember that all i have to do is complete the next 24 hours. By staying in the moment and focusing on what’s happening now, I don’t have time to worry about tomorrow. Happiness is a discipline and my higher power is there to help me find what works best for me.


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