Finding New Stories

Up is the opposite of down, however when I let myself Dwell on situations the lines my blur leaving me feeling helpless.

This week there has a been a lot of discussion about dealing with times in our lives where we feel confused. Maybe it’s a tough discussion I have to make or maybe it’s just feeling stuck in time. Time and Time again I heard the solution is to Let go and Let God along with keep doing your recovery program.

For the longest time I felt like all of my stories came from college. I know people close to me got tired of hearing about them as they heard them for the past decade or so, but that to me was a life changing time. After College I felt as if life stopped. I went through a lot of painful experiences and I often coped by looking to past times of being happy.

As I work my recovery program my stories are changing. I’m finding that I’m talking more about recent times, even finding joy in that period after college that seemed so painful to me. I can look back with gratitude knowing what I gained from challenging times.

Life may not always be easy but in recovery I’m finding moments of hope in the midst of chaos. I also know that in times I’m confused that it may not be time for me to move forward. Relying on my higher power and using recovery resources are a good way to keep my head above water.


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