Simple Math

Today is an addition to the rest of my life, but it is only one day. No matter how good or bad today’s total equals ONE DAY.

My life can get out of control fast, so it’s important for me to break things down to simple math. 1+1 is a whole lot easier then getting into complex equations that involve percentages and variables I may not fully understand.

The literature of my recovery program often reminds me with Slogans such as “Just for Today” and “One Day at a Time”. It’s hard for me to grasp sometimes but with time this gets easier. Never have I been able to predict my future accurately even when I had calculated all of the possible out comes. After losing nights of sleep I found that I no longer had energy to live outside of the day.

Everyday has a beginning and an end. A day in our world is made up of 24 hours and nothing more. I know a lot can happen in 24 hours so sometimes I have to keep my mind with in sixty minutes because my key to success is found within the Now.

My Past is part of this moment. I find that my Past can help me learn my part so that I can grow as a person but I cannot allow it to rob me of what comes next. Guilt and shame are often symptoms of dwelling in the past but the past doesn’t have to hold weight over my today.  Just for Today I can be here in this moment and let go of the ghosts that haunt me.

My Future doesn’t have to be so intimidating. I’m learning that Expectations fueled by Fear don’t have to control my every moment. I may not control much but I can let go of what I don’t and Just for Today do only what is within my control.

1 day might not seem like a lot but it can be the start. I don’t have to continue to make mistakes of living in the shame of the past or fear of the unknown future. I’m learning that if I am present in this moment I can add more value to my life, so Just for Today I will Trust that a Power greater than myself can guide me along my journey.


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