Beach Day

Well, I should say Beach Week! I’ve been slow to write as I’ve been taking in the annual family vacation. It’s amazing to be at a point where I can truly relax and enjoy myself. I still have a tendency to check days off my calendar as they pass by, counting down my inevitable return to reality, but I practice progress, not perfection.

yesterday I got a chance to stop by a local meeting and what a pleasant surprise it was. It never ceases to amaze, how I can find my recovery family where ever I look for them. The meeting was about the same size as back home and there happened to be a furry visitor as well.

It was interesting to me to find a puppy sitting on the meeting table and in the past, this would have given me great anxiety. Instead, I decided to bond with my new friend as I listened to what others had to say.  I left the meeting feeling recharged as I made by way back to the family house.

So this is a short post, mainly to say take the time to enjoy life and relax! It’s taken me a long time to get this point.  LIFE IS GREAT!



One thought on “Beach Day

  1. There should be puppies at every meeting! And I think it is awesome that you attended a meeting while on your vacation, and didn’t take a vacation from recovery. That is commitment.

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